We’ve Been Highlighted on Mic.com

As part of its Best Places to Travel 2019, Mic.com put out a Saratoga-themed story “Saratoga Springs isn’t just for horse people — it’s a nature escape with great food, too”. And…we made the story!

“Perhaps the dish most well-regarded by Skidmore students is the Doughboy at Esperanto’s: pizza dough stuffed with chicken, cheese and scallions, baked until pillowy and golden brown. (A vegetarian version called the Doughgirl is also available.) After a night on Caroline Street, where there’s a bar at every corner, a Doughboy can sop up all of your sins.”

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Find Us At FARM AID This Saturday!


If you love fresh greens organic foods and gluten free goodies come check out our booth at FARMAID. Then on October 1st and November 1st come in and see us for our vegan and gluten free extravaganza. You will find some amazing items on our specials board. Vote with your feet and we will continue doing this more often. More details to follow.